Sunrise- DR 2017


I’m standing on the roof of the Time Ministries building. The sun just rose from behind the buildings, a great ball of light emerging from the depths of the earth. So many thoughts are running through my head. The sun is rising on a broken community, one people may say is too far gone. Relationships, hopelessness, drugs, prostitution, and poverty. It doesn’t seem like God is there, but He’s needed there desperately. The demonic activity may be heightened, but so is God’s power.

Others may have given up on the DR, but God won’t, not ever. The sun still rose, after all. There is always hope for a new day, a new decision, a new life in Christ. The sun rose to spread light across the sky, and God rose up here to spread his light in the dark. I’ve seen nothing but the love of God pouring out on and in and through this community, at His command and through His Dominican and American servants. Like the sunshine spreading across the sky right now, each and every Christian in the DR is like a bit of sunshine. No, they are like a sun themselves because they have the Son, God’s Son, within them. They blaze with such glorious light. Just like how everyone wants to see a beautiful sunrise and be outside on a sunny day, nonbelievers will want to see and be around a Christian filled with the Son. The light will spread and go into every crack and crevice. But it’s not by us that the light goes through. God has placed the light within us. The light is His love mixed with our Christ-centered actions.

God’s love is pouring through this country. It permeates the air, water, buildings, and people. No one can escape from it. It will always be present and active. There is no sunset in the kingdom of God. The Son will never go away and never leave the world in darkness. Soon, no one will feel the pain of hopelessness, only hope and love in Christ. God’s love and light has and will always flow through these people, this country, and this earth, until the whole world is saturated and filled.


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