Story Snippets #2- DR 2017

Almond Boy


On Tuesday, I got to follow the English teacher around at Colegio Moriah. During recess, I met an eleven-year-old boy. His English and pronunciation was fantastic! He showed me this green fruit and I motioned to eat it like an apple. He shook his head, took my hand, and pulled me over to the steps. Then he started pounding on the fruit with a rock. I was very confused, because all the juices were spilling out and the fruit was getting destroyed. But when he got to the middle of the fruit, he exposed a sweet almond.



The pastor at Colegio Moriah has a coconut tree outside his house and Esteban cut some down for us. The coconut that I see in the States is not actually the outside. There is a harder, protective, thick shell, and he used a machete to cut around the end. He cut a hole in the top and there was sweet coconut water on the top. There was so much water in one coconut, it was hard to finish it all. But it was so cool and refreshing. The meat inside was good too! Very slimy and I had to dig it out with another piece of shell.



The roosters at Colegio Moriah were absolutely insane. There must have been twenty spread throughout the entire community. They lived in the backyards of houses and would call out to each other in the morning. The girls’ room was right next to a house with about three of them, so we’d hear them all the time. The roosters would start crowing at 1:00am and wouldn’t stop until later in the morning. Sometimes they made the stereotypical noise, other times they would sound like dying dogs.


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