Story Snippets #1- DR 2017

The Sky

The sky seems huge here. There aren’t a lot of tall buildings or tall trees clustered together. As I look up, I can still see the sky in my peripheral vision, giving the sense of the curvature of the earth. I get this beautiful sense of God’s protection bubbled over us. In the daytime, the blue stretches everywhere, and the clouds go on forever. In the nighttime, the stars are numerous, and the moon lights up the earth. I heard a story once that stars are hole poked out by angels in the great black cloth of night. Heaven’s light comes streaming through to us through the stars.



As we drove to and from the work site, we’d pass sugarcane trucks. The sugarcane would be piled on 15 feet high on huge flatbeds. The first time I had it was at the work site. Three boys gave me a piece to try. I chewed on it and almost swallowed it, since I didn’t know how to eat it. The taste tasted almost artificial, kind of like Splenda.



Many people here own motorcycles, maybe even more than cars. They are a lot cheaper than cars. You know who has a good amount of money if they have a car. Normally, teens buy motorcycles when they get to that age. They can fit up to three people on one. The bikes weave in and out of traffic so quickly.


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