March 9-11- DR 2017

March 9th, 2017


  • Left Gordon around 7:00pm, arrived at the airport for a 10pm flight
  • Flight: uneventful (thank the Lord), we were all spread out
  • Landed in Santo Domingo at 3:00am
    • picked up by young men from the church of Colegio Moriah
    • 45 minute drive to the complex

March 10th, 2017



  • Woke up later in the day- chill day with the team, lots of bonding
  • Walked to an apartment type area for older students/young people
    • Many of the people who live here don’t have the proper documentation to go to school and such
    • Some of the young men who picked us up from the airport fall under this catagory

March 11th, 2017


  • Woke up pretty early- 6:30am
  • Went to the work site- helped build a house
    • doing the messy and heavy work, such as mixing concrete, moving blocks, shoveling dirt
    • Four or five hours in the morning, lunch break, four or five hours in the afternoon
    • Got a nice blister, covered in dust and cement, scratches from cinder blocks
  • Youth group
    • Grace preached at the service
    • Served ice cream after the service
    • Basketball, dance party, socializing with the students

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